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Audruvis Champions Tour 2023 Outdoor season Ist stage

And we begin outdoor season with Audruvis Champions Tour 2023 Ist stage!

New regulations & schedule:


On Thursday:

  • Main outdoor arena is open for riding till 7pm.
  • Outdoor and indoor warm up arenas open for riding till 10pm

Stabling plans:

STABLE NR 2 (behind the walker)

STABLE NR 3 (corridor behind the walker)

STABLE NR 4 (wooden)

STABLE NR 5 (wooden)

STABLE NR 6 (wooden)

STABLE NR 7 (wooden)

STABLE NR 8 (behind stable nr. 2 and nr. 3)


Fully filled in forms should be sent to email audruvissporthorses@gmail.com

DEADLINE for box reservations:     30/04/2023 6pm

CHANGES for box reservations:      01/05/2023 12am

Attention! In case no-show/withdrawal without informing the Organising Committee or informing after deadlines – the stabling fee is applied (30 EUR per box). Please pay attention to the dates above!